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Smiling Baby

Consultation Services

* Additional charge of £10 for face to face visits beyond 45mins of

  CO7 9LD.

* Payment/affordibility plans can be arranged if needed. 

* Appointments can be booked via:

Breastfeeding Support Package


Consists of: 

* Antenatal breastfeeding contact (including breastfeeding plan and colostrum harvesting kit).

* One or two postnatal face to face visits in first 3wks postpartum & consultation letter.

* WhatsApp follow up postnatally for any worries/queries up to two weeks after last face-t0-face contact.

Antenatal Breastfeeding Contact

£90 includes wellbeing plans to complete and colostrum havesting kit.

This contact gives you the space to learn how to get breastfeeding off to the best start.
We cover:

  • how milk is made, and how to build and protect supply.

  • The importance of positioning and attachment of baby 

  • Hand expression and colostrum harvesting.

Includes wellbeing/breastfeeding plans and colostrum harvesting kit.

Postnatal Feeding Support Package

£135 or £210
One or two face to face visits, comprehensive consultation letter and two weeks of Whatsapp follow up.

Support and troubleshooting for any challenges you are facing with breastfeeding:

  • Painful feeding/nipple damage

  • Low/slow weight gain

  • Blocked ducts/mastitis

  • Expressing/plans around top-ups.

While not a tongue tie practitioner, can identify potential ties and refer onto local tongue tie practitioners if required.

Transitional Support


Life rarely presents its self as a straight line, and it can feel very challenging to manage transitions - whether introducing solid foods, returning to work or wanting to end your breastfeeding journey, I can ensure you are fully informed and able to form a plan that works for you both.



If support is needed for longer period, can add extensions onto any of the services:
Additional face-to-face contact or zoom call with further fortnight of WhatsApp support

Feeding Clinic


I run a Feeding Clinic in Stanway on a Tuesday morning, with 3x 45min appointments available. Please email me directly to book.

"Buy me a Coffee"

It might be you have a worry/query but know that you don't need a full consultation. You can now "Buy me a Coffee" (or cake!) to ask me! available via

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